All awnings range

Blind that can be extend to cover the area you required and retract to fit a small box, we manufacture wide range of awnings to suit every space and budget


Bespoke umbrellas

The most popular of covers like used in pub and restuarants outdoor spaces. We supply high end commercial types of Umbrellas to suit your spaces


Modern pergolas

Perfectly fix structure with foldable roof. It is consider as a permanent solution for commercial and domestic shading. With a wide range of designs and finishes we can find something to suit your needs.

Who we are?
Short story about us

Shades Awning & Canopies is an establishment with a whole new approach to the market needs. We inherited our knowledge and experience from the company known as Shades Signs and Blinds where we spent many years building up our unrivalled reputation. We are well known for our reliable services and great quality products.

Our awnings proved themselves functional, robust, and long-lasting. Because of this, they will serve you for many years. We believe that our products perfectly combine high-quality materials, carefully selected patterns and the best workmanship, which guarantees a satisfying and smooth experience. But our greatest advantage is our dedicated team that works tirelessly every day to improve our products and increase their durability and usability, which certainly translates into your satisfaction.

We are based in Ramsgate, Kent. On the shores of the North Sea with a great connection to London. Because of this, our products can easily be obtained by both commercial and individual clients. Whether you are looking for something perfect for your business or home, you will certainly find something that suits your tastes in the wide range of products offered by Shades Awning & Canopies.

What we do?
Products and services

Here at Shades Awnings and Canopies we design, manufacture and sell a wide range of pergolas, awnings, canopies and umbrellas, including but not limited to garden and patio canopies, as well as restaurant awnings. We share our knowledge and experience with our clients when choosing products that perfectly meet their needs. We can also help you with getting your planning consent. We provide you with quick and safe installation and a wide range of after-sale services. Due to the fact that we pay attention to details, we start our work by listening and understanding our customer needs.

Then we advise our clients and help them choose the right product. Thanks to our experienced designers and installers we can customise their new product depending on its purpose (such as a commercial awning), choose the colour and get the exact measurements to ensure the perfect fit. All our products are assembled and adjusted on the installation site to ensure the best quality. With our team of skilled installers, we can guarantee a safe installation process with minimal inconvenience.

Our support does not end here. We keep in touch with our customers in case any warranty repairs or maintenance is necessary. We always have spare parts in stock, as well as cleaners for our products. We have everything you need!

Why shades
Why choose us?

Our customers come back to us and recommend us to their friends because:

1. We carefully listen to your requirements and we choose the products and services best suited to your needs and budget.
2. Our design team creates highly accurate visual mock-ups and digitally imposes awnings and canopies onto property images to prevent costly mistakes and help you gain planning permission.
3. We have a wide range of products to choose from and we also have full control over their quality.
4. At Shades you are dealing directly with the manufacturer that guarantees an accurate implementation of your vision.
5. We have well-developed technical support and after-sale services.
6. All our products are tested individually before packaging.

Order path
or instalation
... it is so simple...
“The service from Shades Awnings has always been exceptional”
- Emilio
Our promise
What we believe

We believe that every company should be set up for the benefit of the customer. Therefore, we try to share with you not only the necessary information about our assortment but also our experience and knowledge in the area of selecting products best suited to your needs.

Our nice and professional staff will be happy to answer all of your questions and recommend which of blinds works best for you. For our customers we prepared only carefully selected products made from the highest quality materials for the best and honest price.

Recent projects

A big challenge was adjusting the brand logo to the size of the awnings.


The building is located near a very busy street, making it difficult to work on during the day.


Challenge we faced with this project was the preservation of the building’s original spirit.

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