Peace of mind and a professional and safe installation or DELIVERY

installation service

professional fitting

We highly recommend the services of our dedicated team of professional installers who will do everything to provide you with peace of mind and a quick and safe installation.

The installation service includes our professional site survey to check the exact width, height and projection of the selected product. Detailed pictures will be taken and any other test may be required.

Once the product has been manufactured we will arrange with you a convenient date and time for the installation process. At arrival, we will make installation plans and go through the plan with the home owner. Installers will carry out the work and once finished they will test the products to make sure everything is working as it should.

What’s included in the fitting service:

  • Safe delivery of product
  • Installation
  • Issuance of a guarantee Removing and recycling of all the packaging from the installation site

*Note* Please be present during the installation because the installers will show how to safely use our product, and also, they will answer any of your questions. Our fitter will hand over any further documents and will request your signature. Please bear in mind we are NOT installing any electrical sockets. Only qualified electricians can carry out this work. Also If you have any further questions or you are simply unsure about the process, please give us a call on 0208 694 2617 or send us an email.