Our Products

Quality materials sorced from a respectable brands globaly and manufacred in UK

In order to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers, at Shades Awnings and Canopies, we manufacture a wide array of sunshades that suit every outdoor space and budget. We offer over 100 canvas colours and a great variety of patterns and materials in order to answer all of your possible requests. For our products we use only the finest materials to ensure that they will be durable, functional and long-lived. They also proved themselves to be UV resistant, waterproof and resistant to all kinds of stains.

All our products are thoroughly tested to withstand the rigours of any weather and to maintain their functionality for years. Also, all of our partners’ products are TUV tested and covered by the warranty. Our retractable shading blinds can be operated manually or, if motorised, with a remote control. We also offer many accessories such as heaters or lighting, which will make the use of your new sunshade even more comfortable.

What is more, thanks to our wind sensors you won’t have to worry about your blinds when you are away or while being busy with your business. We believe that a well-fitted canopy, awning, pergola or umbrella parasol will be a comfortable place of relaxation for you and your family, and a source of satisfaction throughout the year. It will become your best leisure spot that has never been so close!