Manual awnings

These days, awnings aren’t just designed for protection. They have reached a completely new purpose and become a statement element of building architecture. Thanks to their broad utilisation options, there are countless ways of adopting them into your everyday life. How can you use them?

Reducing the sunrays by adding shadow to space can transform your overheated patio into an oasis of relaxation. It will definitely help reduce the summer heat increase up to almost 80 per cent for windows facing eastward and westward.

It’s a great way to protect the furniture from quick wear-out. Exposed to the sun and other weather conditions, furniture tends to lose its original colour faster.

Awnings are a great weather protection for any window frames, as they prevent the sun, rain or snow from getting in.

They are a great way to get extra privacy in your space, whether they’re used to shade your windows from the prying eyes of neighbours or your patio for rest or recreation.

Thanks to the simplicity and very user-friendly design of Shades Awning’s products, you can move your awning out and back in whenever you please. You can leave them out to cast shade on your space all year long or opt for their benefits only a few days a year. Regardless of your needs, we give you a broad choice of materials, patterns and colours to match the exterior design of your building within your prefered budget. If you have any concerns, get a quick quote that will give us an idea of what you expect and what we can do for you.

What to expect from Shades Awnings

What can be the outcome of top-quality materials combined with the newest technology and the bright and fearless minds of designers? At Shades Awnings we manufacture unique designs of manual awnings that will emphasise the beauty of your outdoor space. Our purpose is to provide you with a product that will suit the budget and needs of our clients, but also be a trustworthy tool used for business and relaxation.

Recognising many utilities of manual awnings, you can consider choosing a model that’s not only functional but also ready to withstand any weather condition. Our awnings are manufactured locally in the UK, in a trustworthy workshop lead by our trusted employees. Thanks to their hard work and commitment, we can proudly present you with our model designs, so you can be certain of their durability.

A practical decision

Purchasing awnings is unquestionably one of the most rational decisions to make for your home or business. Thanks to a broad spectrum of models to choose from and many different designs available, you’re allowed to customise them in any way you want. The size, style and colour are up to you, so you can design your desired manual awning from scratch.

Manual mechanisms provide you with the great opportunity to fix the awning exactly as you want it and when you want it. You are able to choose when you need it and use it effortlessly every time. It’s our great pleasure to manufacture reliable products that have earned us the trust of many happy customers over the years.

Open cassette retractable awning

Open cassette  

Technical details

Frame:Aluminium frame and components in white as standard
Arms:Aluminium arms with double springs and twin coated cables
Type:Retractable, Waterproof, Electric
Front bar:Designed with water gutter and elegant end caps
Aluminium hood:Aluminium cover with side caps, in white finish as standard
Fabric:100’s of colour fabrics from top European suppliers
Operation:Strong reliable motor with emergency manual override and remote control or manually operated
Light and wind Sensors:Automatically protect your awning when wind detected or the sun’s intensity increases
Sizes Range:Projection: arms available in 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 &3.5 metre projection. Width: smallest awning size 2.5 metres and up to 6 metres in one piece. (We do assemble 7m awning on special request)

Full cassette retractable awning

Full cassette  

Technical details

Frame:White aluminium frame components
Arms:Aluminium, double springs, twin coated cables with LED lights
Type:Retractable, Waterproof, Electric
Fabric:Very broad selection of colours, provided by leading European companies
Operation:Durable, effective motor with remote control
Light and wind Sensors:Detect wind and sun intensity and autonomously adjust to conditions
Sizes Range:Projection: arms come in a selection of 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 &3.5 metre projection. Width: From 3 to 6-metre awning units.

Traditional victorian retractable awning

Traditional victorian  

Technical details

Arms:Aluminium, double springs, twin coated cables with LED lights
Type:Retractable, Waterproof, Manual
Front bar:Hardwood with water drainage grooving
Fabric:Large selection of colours from reputable European brands
Operation:Pull down operation using a custom hook set on an ash wood pole
Sizes Range:Custom made projection: from 1m to 3.5m Width: from 1m to 6m per unit

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