Full cassette awning

Why choose these awnings?

  • Robust frame Structure
  • High End Modern Designs and Material
  • Arms with LED lights
  • Motorised operated
  • Fully closed once it’s shut

High End Modern Designs and Material

Full-cassette awnings are an ideal solution for buildings
that are fully exposed to tough weather conditions but also have
beautiful designs and finishes. It is the only type of awning that gives your fabric
cover maximum protection. At Shades, functionality and style go together. We now offer a wide array of models, colours, fabrics and finishes to make sure your new awning suits your shop, restaurant or patio.

A full-cassette awning is an enclosed awning, where the fabric and the arms are stored in an encompassing cassette when retracted. That provides complete protection against wind and heavy rain, so you can enjoy your pristine awning for many years.

Our retractable awnings are built using the latest technology that guarantees their durability and your satisfaction. An integrated gutter allows an easy water flow so that it does not accumulate on the surface of your awning. The compact cassette fits even the places that are hard to reach, and it is unobtrusive when the awning is retracted. In spite of its small frame this awning can easily cover large areas, protecting your clients from scorching sun or pouring rain.

Our full-cassette awnings are crafted with great care to enhance any outdoor space. You can adjust the individual elements of the awning to create a unique design and make your sunshade look elegant – both open and closed.

To further meet your needs, we are offering electrically operated awnings where you will be supplied with a remote control to operate it from the comfort of your chair. The awning can be opened as little or as much as you wish, up to its full projection. And you can also add wind and light sensors to keep your mind at ease. It will make your sunshade close when it’s windy and re-open when it calms down, and the lights will turn on automatically when it’s getting dark and turn off when it’s sunny.

Why choose these awnings?

  • Robust frame Structure
  • High End Modern Designs and Material
  • Arms with LED lights
  • Motorised operated
  • Fully closed once it’s shut

Technical details

Frame:Aluminium frame and components in white as standard
Arms:Aluminium arms with double springs and twin coated cables with LED lights
Fabric:100’s of colour fabrics from top European suppliers
Operation:Strong reliable motor with remote control
Light and wind Sensors:To automatically protect your awning when wind detected or the sun’s intensity increases
Sizes Range:Projection: Arms available in 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 &3.5 metre projection
Width: Smallest awning size 3 metres and up to 6 metres in one piece.
Handcrafted sign-writing on valance only
Powder coated awning frame
Motorised with remote control
Light and wind sensor

Full Cassette Awnings - Video

How to install Full Cassette Awning - Tutorial

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