Awning and canopy repairs

Repair your awnings

Shades, awnings, and canopies can make a huge difference in your home. Whether it’s the undeniably important aspect of providing shade or pure aesthetics, our products can enrich your life in many ways. Though they’re made to be durable so that they can last you a long time, there is always the possibility of damage. Instead of replacing them with a new set, however, it might turn out that it’s a better idea to repair your awnings instead.

We offer a comprehensive awning and canopy repair service. If your awning is no longer working properly, you can count on us to repair some of its elements that need repairing, so that you don’t need to change your whole setup. Count on us to keep your awnings and shades in perfect shape!

Why repair parts instead of changing the whole thing?

While your awning breaking or becoming damaged may seem like a great opportunity to finally get a brand new one, awning repairs and element replacements are actually far more efficient, in more ways than one.

  • By repairing awnings, you save money. Even severe damage can be repaired at a lower cost than a completely new awning.
  • Repairing your awning or canopy means that you don’t have to change your home’s appearance in any way.
  • It’s much faster to fix an old awning or canopy than arrange a replacement for the entire awning. You don’t have to worry about choosing your design again as it’s all set.
  • Changing the covers when they’re dirty is incredibly easy and efficient.
  • All our replacements and repairs can be performed as part of your insurance.
  • It’s the best way to handle arms that have either been damaged in the winter or vandalised.
  • If your motor has stopped working, replacing it with a new one is an easy fix with our service.
  • Victorian blind front bars may rot away, but we can replace them quickly and efficiently.
  • Finally, it’s far more environmentally friendly to repair your canopies rather than spend resources on a completely new set.

Recovery and refurbishment

If your awning isn’t damaged that much and only needs a freshened up look, fabric recovery might be just what you need. We can help you out by providing repairs for broken parts without replacing the whole structure of the awning. If the frame is in good condition, then our recovery service is exactly what you need.

Best suited for traditional Victorian awnings, our refurbishment service is the best choice if you want to improve the looks of your awnings that have deteriorated over time. We can repaint it to suit your changing needs, as well as replace any broken parts and components, such as the blind front bar. You can be sure that we’ll carry out all refurbishment works quickly and efficiently, giving your awnings a second life.

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