Our bespoke services

At Shades Awnings & Canopies, the satisfaction of every customer is our top priority, and not only till you select the product perfect for you and purchase it. In our company, we offer you a wide range of services aimed at keeping your awnings and canopies in good condition for many years. We will also customise our products to the needs of specific companies and brands.

If you feel that your modern awning or canopy does not look very inviting and some of its parts worn out over the years, we can offer you professional recovery and repair. We also offer full refurbishment service, so even the old, traditional blinds will not be left without professional help.

We try to finish all the repairs as quickly as possible to provide you with maximum comfort and minimum inconvenience. We believe that our commitment combined with reasonable prices will help us gain your trust for many years.


Awnings and canopies design services

In order to provide you with the latest canopy designs we are constantly seeking new materials and innovative production techniques. Our dedicated design team uses the latest software and works closely with our customers to produce awnings designs that best suits their needs. Our design team uses the latest technology to create highly accurate visual mock-ups and digitally imposes awnings and canopies onto property images.

Such visualizations can prevent costly mistakes while selecting the style of an awning, fabric colour or overprinting brand on the canopy. Visual mock-ups of your awning or canopy can also be useful while applying for a building permit.

  • extremely accurate awning visuals
  • essential technique for selecting canopy design
  • prevents costly mistakes
  • useful for planning permission


Awnings and canopies branding

We can adapt our products to specific brand colours, logos and designs which will help you in creating your corporate identity. We believe that our awnings can help you create an image that can become a flagship of your company known throughout the world.

On our awnings, we can easily put your full colour logo, shop name, telephone number and even recreate a photograph. We use various techniques to overprint brands on our fabrics including modern technologies such as Digital Printing or screen-printing. We also have professional Sign writers – artists with years of experience who can recreate images by hand, and we believe that they are amongst the best in the country.


Awnings and Canopies fabric recovery

If you wish for freshly new look for your awning or it just needs recovery, you can count on us! Nowadays, a large amount of pollutants in the air is the main cause for the awning getting dirty faster than ever, although its frame is still in good condition.

Our awnings consist of two parts, frame and cover, which allows the repair of only one part without replacing the whole structure. Damaged cover can be replaced with a new one, frame can be cleaned and repaired, and if needed, we can also replace the motor. At Shades awnings an canopies  we can bring back a fresh look to your awning while providing low cost services.

  • Afordable solution
  • Wide range of fabrick colours
  • Sign writing solution
  • Exsiting frame cleaning


Traditional Victorian Awnings refurbishment

If your traditional Victorian Awning does not look as good as before, we are sure that you will appreciate our refurbishment services. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with a new cover in a colour that can be chosen from our wide assortment or we can re-paint the casing of your canopy. If needed we can replace broken parts and components.

All necessary repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently to ensure minimum inconvenience to you and your costumers. At Shades we keep all parts and components in stock in order to fix your old Victorian Awnings and give them the second life.

  • Affordable solution
  • Wide range of fabric colours
  • Sign writing solution
  • Existing frame repair and part replace