Green Canopies

A winter canopy installation on a historic building


The building is located near a very busy street, making it difficult to work on during the day. The beautiful historic building is very fragile, forcing us to take special precautions. Moreover, the installation had to be performed during winter, and the low temperatures make work more difficult and slower. The building is covered in tiles, so it was going to be difficult to bore holes into it without causing damage to the tiles. Additionally, the restaurant’s area had to be extended to accommodate outside tables. We were also granted quite a limited budget.


To avoid traffic, we opted to work in the morning. We purchased drills that are used specifically for tiles. We also hired specialised installers to ensure everything is in place.


The installation process did not cause any loss in the number of customers visiting the restaurant. Our client was very satisfied with the colour of the canopy, and the external seating area of the premisses was also extended, as was the plan. Most importantly, the structure of the building remained intact, meaning that the beauty of this historic site has been preserved.

Client's words

My expectations have been exceeded. Everything looks even better than I had envisioned. I could truly never have imagined a better outcome.