Costa Coffe Blinds

Costa Awnings Main Supplier


Costa Coffee is a large network of coffee shops with very particular requirements regarding the quality of their awnings. A big challenge was adjusting the brand logo to the size of the awnings. As the client is experienced with many other awning providers, it was difficult to stand out. The bustling high street was a potential difficulty, as the large amounts of people could be a hindrance during the installation process. We had steep competition in the form of other competent awning companies, which meant that our installation needed to be perfect. The client also had a very specific vision regarding the colour of the Costa logo.


To avoid traffic, installations were done before rush hour. To ensure that we meet the high standards set by the client, we used the highest quality of materials. Furthermore, the design had to be confirmed by the company before manufacture. Due to Costa’s specific colour demands, we needed to order canvas that would be used exclusively for Costa.


The awning turned out looking great. The installation was conducted very thoroughly, ensuring everything was in place.  The unique colour and high quality materials really made this project into something amazing. The installation went quick and no visiting customers were disturbed during its course. The advertisement is very eye-catching. The client was given a year-long warranty for the awnings.

Client's words

The awnings turned out phenomenal. The colour itself is enough for people to instantly know that this is Costa Coffee, but the way the logo is incorporated really turns heads, attracting even more clients.