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At Shades Awnings we offer a wide range of purpose-built canopies, from commercial canopies to balcony canopies. Our mission is to help you create the outdoor space that will be the perfect reflection of your business or home. Our versatile waterproof canopies come in different colours, fabrics, and designs to suit bars, restaurants, educational facilities, private homes and all kinds of shops. They protect the products displayed in the windows from fading and ensure a moderate indoor temperature. In other words, they make your shop inviting and pleasant place to spend some time in. What is more, it can be a perfect space to advertise your brand. We can put on the fabric your logo, graphic elements, telephone numbers etc. Using the latest technologies and innovative materials, we can guarantee the most spectacular final products.

We are one of the top providers of canopies in the UK because we think about its appearance as well as functionality. At Shades Awnings, we know that nothing lasts forever regardless of the quality. Therefore, we are also offering renovation and refurbishment services. We are able to recover your canopy and give it a second life. With our post-installation service, you may be sure that your shop or restaurant will always stand out in the crowd.

Whether you wish to maximize your outdoor space or just create a fancy dutch canopy for your patio, we are here to find the ideal solution for you!

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Wedge Canopy

A simple architectural design

The wedge canopy is characterised by a simple architectural design and as such it suits various outdoor spaces, commercial as well as residential. Also, with our wide range of colours and fabrics, you will definitely find something for yourself. Its minimalistic look makes it easily adaptable. No wonder, it is extremely popular with designers and architects.

Our non-retracting waterproof canopies are fixed with high-quality aluminium frames, which are additionally anodised, and high-quality fabric. Such treatment ensures corrosion and wear resistance and provides extra adhesion for paint primers.
Our wedge canopies can be covered in acrylic canvas or
PVC coated fabrics to guarantee maximum weather
and sun protection.

The frames are both strong and flexible, which provides good wind
resistance and – as a great plus – lets us apply the wedge canopy
to any type of fascia, including curves. A wedge canopy is a truly
versatile solution, which can be installed in small spaces.

At Shades Awnings and Canopies, we also want to help you promote your business. One way to tell others about your brand is to advertise your logo, company name, or telephone number on a bespoke product that stands out from the crowd. Printing your very own cover will cost a lot less than you think, so contact us today to personalise your shop-front. Get it right and you will attract more clients than you have ever imagined!

  • Adjustable Height and projection
  • Valance and Main Face Advertising Facilities
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good Wind Resistance

Wedge Canopy - Video

How to install Wedge Canopy - Tutorial

  • Great for advertisement
  • Reasonable Price
  • Good wind resistance
  • Retractable or fixed

Dutch canopy

Shade windows or doors with a distinctive quadrant shape

The Dutch canopy is made from a permanent fabric cover fitted over an aluminium framework, designed to shade your windows and doors with its distinctive quadrant shape. They are the canopies UK businesses have widely adopted because they can be often seen as stylish decorations for shops, restaurants, hotels, balconies and many more. The Dutch canopy is truly versatile.

To begin with, it comes in a wide array of colours, designs, styles and sizes, so that any commercial or residential client can find something for himself. It can be covered in various fabrics, from traditional and acrylic canvas to PVC coated textiles in order to provide maximum sun and rain protection.

Our custom-made Dutch canopies can be fixed or retractable. What our clients love about them most is the fact that they fit most of standard shop fronts in terms of size and weight. They can be installed over shutter boxes and they are perfect for your outdoor space needs. Also, rust-free anodised aluminium frame ensures that your canopy will perfectly shade your windows for many years.

  • Great for advertisement
  • Reasonable Price
  • Good wind resistance
  • Retractable or fixed

Dutch Canopy - Video

How to install Dutch Canopy - Tutorial

Dome canopy

Simply a beautiful piece

The dome canopy looks best when applied over ellipse windows or doorways. It is perfect for protecting the stock in shop windows from UV rays. It can also ensure a comfortable indoor temperature.

This canopy will enhance any building thanks to its beautifully curved panels.
A well-designed sunshade adds a touch of European style, which is now
very much in vogue. We suggest you choose colours that contrast with
the façade to make your windows even more noticeable. For a more
stylish look, we can add valance at the edges or LED lighting for your
canopy. It cannot get better than this!

Our waterproof canopies are fixed with high-grade aluminium and can be covered in a variety of textiles, such as canvas, which guarantees durability and resistance to the worst British weather. All the components we use are designed to last longer and require little maintenance so that you don’t have to worry about the image of your shop front.

The dome canopy is also an ideal way to promote your business. We will not only incorporate your logo and brand name into the cover but thanks to its unique design of the framework, we will come up with unique solutions to beat other businesses in the area.

  • Great solution for curved windows
  • Perfect for advertising
  • Custom made to suit windows
  • Fixed structure
  • Good wind resistance

Canopies Questions & Answers

Why should I choose the canopy?

We recommend canopy for restaurant and shops that need cover with good space for advertisement

What are the available sizes of your canopies?

they can be made as small as 500mm x 500mm and up to 8000x 1600mm

Can I fit it by myself?

It depends on how experience you are but we recommend our team to do it to ensure good fitting of the canopy

Can I clean it by myself?

To do so, go and see our cleaning & care guide

How can I close the canopy?

Dutch canopy can be retractable and will close by pulling the cord. All wedge (French) canopies are fixed

Can I set the motor to close the canopy?


What is the minimum recommended height of the canopy?

We recommend 2200mm from any solid object but you can fix it higher

What is the expected lifespan of the canopy?

The frame can last for many years but the canvas will last up to 10 years

Here are the types of canopies we make

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