10 TOP Restaurant awnings ideas

Though we’re leaving behind the warm summer months, it’s never a bad idea to keep your restaurant awnings in mind. The first function that comes to mind when you think of them may be protection from the sun, but awnings, shades and canopies play another very important function for your restaurant – aesthetics. You can make a lasting impression on your clients with a well selected awning. Here are ten awnings that can serve as an inspiration for you and help you promote your restaurant.

1. Plain and simple

Sometimes, less is more! Choose a colour that will compliment your restaurant’s logo nicely and implement a simple retractable awning of that colour. Neutral colours like black or grey are solid choices as they work well with most other colours and are less likely to clash with your surroundings.

(source: afflante.com)

2. Keeping it subtle

Perhaps a simple black open cassette awning isn’t enough to draw the gaze of new clients, or maybe you feel like your logo isn’t showcased effectively enough. In that case, you might consider adding a small version of your restaurant’s logo at the front of the awning.

3. Go big or go home

Still, you don’t have to be shy about showing off your logo by any means. Check out the option shown below, where the logo of the restaurant features prominently on a large awning that spans the whole length of the restaurant.

(source: jordansofhull.co.uk)

4. Narrowing things down

Perhaps your restaurant is a little bit on the small and cosy side of things. So maybe you don’t need a large, wide awning that will encompass a number of tables. Maybe all you need is a small awning over your entrance, just so your clients know where to look for you.

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(source: mail.ukr.net)

5. Stripes are in

But don’t let us limit you to just the most boring and neutral of colours and patterns. Maybe all your restaurant needs to look as interesting as it most certainly is are some elegant stripes?

(source: pinterest.com)

6. Yes, even the loud variant

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Black and white are fairly safe, so if your surroundings are drab, perhaps vivid rainbow awnings are what you need to stand out?

(source: academyinc.com)

7. Display that name loud and proud

Combine your colours with your logos for a truly unforgettable view!

(source: retractableawnings.com)

8. Get funky

Who said stripes are the only acceptable pattern for your awning? When it comes to that, the sky’s the limit!

(source: carrollawning.com)

9. More than just awnings

You can give your clients a garden-like experience even in the winter months as long as you come prepared. Check out this interesting, tent-like solution for a restaurant’s awning!

(source: pinterest.com)

10. Creative shading

We’ve saved the least conventional for last. If your goal is to give your clients the proper amount of shading in your restaurant’s garden area, and you want to make a lasting impression, shade sails are an increasingly popular solution.


(source: shadesasia.com)