Quality materials sourced from a respectable brands globally and manufactured in the UK

At Shades Awnings we manufacture a wide range of awnings in the UK in order to suit the outdoor space and your individual budget. We offer the largest selection of colours, fabrics and patterns, and we respond to any of your special requests. You can also choose between motorised awnings and manually operated ones. On top of this, you can choose from many colours of finishes and pick  the one that will go well with the unique look of your outdoor space.

We use only high quality materials to ensure the best possible functionality. All the metal extrusions are made of high grade steel which provides additional durability. All barrels and arms are made-to-measure in order to perfectly fit the available space. You can sleep peacefully because our awnings will withstand even the unpredictable British weather conditions. We guarantee that our awnings are waterproof, UV-resistant, and resistant to stains. We also realize that your needs may change every day according to the weather. But there is no need to worry! With our retractable awnings, operated electrically or manually, you can expand them fully or to the point that you find appropriate. The choice is yours!

A well-designed awning will not only be a shelter, but also a perfect place to sit, relax and have delicious lunch throughout the year. Shop awnings are a perfect solution for business owners because it will create additional space for your store or restaurant and it will look inviting to pedestrians which will certainly be beneficial.

Here are the types of awnings we make

  • Retractable awnings - rain or shine, these awnings have got you covered. This versatile type of awning is the perfect choice for the capricious UK weather. You can choose either a manually or mechanically operated awning, making your retractable awning suited perfectly to your needs and budget.
  • House awnings - give your house a unique style while also protecting it from the elements. Our house awnings offer protection from light and various weather conditions, while also maintaining impeccable taste in their design. A perfect choice for your cosy home.
  • Outdoor awnings - we offer awnings for all your outdoor needs. Whether it’s providing shade for your garden or your cafe’s outside tables, we have got you covered.
  • Garden awnings - if you want to bring more shade into your garden areas during summer heat waves. We provide the most efficient awnings that are also incredibly stylish, to make sure your garden still fits your vision.
  • Restaurant awnings - a good restaurant needs an outdoor section, and there’s only one effective way to protect your customers from those pesky sun rays – awnings. Give your restaurant garden area a one-of-a-kind atmosphere with awnings that not only shield you from the sun, but are also incredibly stylish.
  • Commercial awnings - homes are not the only area where awnings have a place. Commercial areas like shops, restaurants, and others also require shielding from the elements, be they the sun’s scorching rays or torrential rains. Our awnings can help you achieve that in a way that won’t take away from the building’s original charm.
  • Shop awnings - we provide awnings specifically geared toward shops. Give your customers the right protection from the elements as they browse your wears, as well as adding a chic quality to your exterior to better attract them.
  • Patio awnings - if you’re looking for a stylish shade for your patio that will protect you from the elements, we have right what you need. Our patio awnings will provide you with the shade you need, while adding stylistic flair to your architecture.

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